We build high-functioning  departments for small and mid-size nonprofits, enabling CEOs to focus on their organization’s success.

The unexpected has happened.

Your CFO or controller is leaving, or already gone. A board member is clamoring for more and better financial information. There’s been turnover in your accounting department. Your ED needs to spend less time on finances, more time on fulfilling the mission of your organization. You’re already adjusting to a completely unexpected nonprofit environment. So, when yet another situation that you haven’t anticipated arises—something you couldn’t have planned for—it’s hard to know what first step will get you to the other side.

Now what?

Ask Carey & Co. Let a conversation with Carey & Co. be that first step. Whether or not you ultimately decide to engage us, we’ll help you make your first, most important decisions.

  • Do you need a quick fix or a more robust process?
  • What services, financial professionals, and resources will you need?
  • Will you want help on a full time, part time, interim or long-term basis, or should you make a staff hire?
  • What won’t you need from Carey & Co.’s team of CFOs, Controllers and HR leaders because you already have in-house talent and resources?

Carey & Co. will help you make these decisions. And you will have taken control of your unplanned situation and be ready to make a rock-solid and cost-effective plan forward.

"Many of our clients, team members, and friends have been working with us for years. We’re honored and proud of that”

Our Clients

Our typical clients are 501(c)3 nonprofits.  They have diverse missions, and almost all have been in New York City.  Past and current clients include: