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Travis Carey, Carey & Co. Founder
Travis Carey, Founder

I’m Travis Carey and I’m the founder of Carey & Co.

I started Carey & Co in 2013. I got into this business because I like the mix of helping people while also doing something that’s consistent with my strengths. Working with nonprofits has allowed me to contribute in the best way possible.  With help from my clients, their boards, the auditor community, other vendors and partners - we have built an extraordinary team. Every year we're able to add to our number with people possessing the right talent, experience, and spirit that best serves this sector: the desire to help organizations be well managed by great employers, by good citizens who strive to deliver their missions. Trying to be all of those things can be a large ask, but it's one that we seek to answer every day.

As far as relationship with clients and team members, a typical conversation at Carey & Co usually goes something like this – well Travis and I worked together years ago during our time at.. , or yes, we know each other through our mutual colleague. We build long term relationships with people we work with by understanding how to best help them. It’s built into our culture here – to help those that call. Most of our clients come to us through multiple references. When we get the chance to meet you, I want to hear about your goals, challenges, pain points and how we can contribute to a solution. Hearing your story is how we decide what to propose to you. It’s how we build trust – we eliminate distractions and hype, so you can focus on what you do.

The collective experience of our team has become our best asset. Information sharing, collective knowledge, and valuing each contribution has developed into a shorthand in our team. It allows us to solve a diverse set of problems, or simply keep the trains running on time with a variety of clients. Whether it be governance, compliance, department turnover, or audit concerns, or just regular reporting – Carey & Co was created to offer the right solution.

- Travis Carey