Executive Management Services

You need a team.  

Executive management is a team sport.

You need a team of people, and you need a team of talents. Carey will step in to build appropriate staff involvement, alignment, and support during times of transition.  

If you find yourself short on a regular basis, or if you’re facing something big that needs a strong ad hoc team, Carey will step in as:

  • Interim leadership positions in various departments;
  • Communication and roll out plans for transitions;
  • Governance support;
  • Insurance and contract review;
  • Fundraising system and process support.
Carey will do all that.  ‍

Carey will be your Chief Executive Officer.

Carey will ensure you’re meeting the moment with seamless interim/fractional executive administrative leadership (CEO, COO, ED) to provide management and oversight in times of transition.  

Carey will do all that.  ‍

It’s time to seize the opportunity - or navigate a setback.

Move quickly with Carey to design and partner on your organizational (re)structuring. Our team provides fast and expert guidance, plan development, and roll-out support in times of transition, to ensure your structure is aligned to budget, staffing need, and vision. 

Carey will do all that.  ‍

You’re only as strong as your board.

Our team partners with your Board and Executive leaders to develop clear board structures and responsibilities so all members are enthusiastic ambassadors for your mission.

Carey will do all that.  ‍

Your leadership may change, but the work doesn’t stop.

When you’re short on operational oversight talent, Carey will step in with an experienced professional who’ll oversee insurance audits or remarketing, implementation of contract management systems, or communications and operational crisis planning.

Carey will do all that.  ‍

Your donors are your lifeblood.

Our team provides interim executive management support for corporate, foundation, and individual giving programs, major gifts planning, optimization of donor cultivation and tracking systems, and restricted grant management and reporting.

Carey will do all that.  ‍