Accounting Services

You're not alone.

Carey will be your CFO.  

You don’t have a CFO, so someone’s handling the numbers “on the side.” Your Executive Director or a board member is keeping an eye on Finance and overseeing your junior accountants and bookkeepers. Things more or less get done, well enough.  

But your organization is growing and stretching, and it’s clear: You need real financial leadership. Someone who’ll

  • shape and lead the accounting team;
  • interpret and communicate financial information;  
  • keep track of cash and investments;
  • manage relationships with financial institutions;  
  • identify and manage risks;  
  • select and implement software;  
  • lead the budgeting process; and
  • prepare financial projections to support smart decision making.  
Carey will do all that.    

Carey will be your chief accountant or controller.  

You don’t have a staff account or controller, and you’re not ready to bring a new hire on board. But you need someone to take charge, for now. Someone who’ll produce financial statements following applicable accounting standards. Someone who’ll see that accounting controls are appropriate and working.  

Carey will do all that.      

Carey will handle your transaction processing and bookkeeping.  

Money’s coming in and going out. Someone needs to enter that into an accounting system in a disciplined, predictable fashion, so that the numbers can be rolled up into usable financial reports.    

Carey will do all that.