People + Strategy

Let’s talk outcomes.

Carey will be your Chief People Officer.  

You’re struggling to keep up. HR is being handled piecemeal. The many things that don’t get done are causing your organization—and your people—pain. Your lack of HR leadership is keeping you from living up to your ideals and beliefs.  

You urgently need someone who’ll tackle

  • training and development;  
  • talent management;
  • performance management;
  • developing a compensation and benefits plans in line with industry best practices;
  • change management.  
Carey will do all that.  ‍

Carey will be your HR generalist.  

You have a terrific person in the top HR position. Or you’ve decided to move forward without one. Either way, you need a versatile, broadly experienced HR pro. Someone who’ll make the many day-to-day HR functions happen smoothly. Someone who’ll focus on, or allow the department head to focus on, aligning HR with your organization’s values, mission, purpose, and strategy.  

Carey will do all that.   ‍

Carey will be your payroll & benefits manager.

You’ve got to take care of your people. To start with, you want them to be paid, and to receive the benefits you’ve committed to. But no one is fully committed to making that happen.

Carey will do all that.  

Carey can help you get the outcomes you want.

You have a talented group of people working with you who are juggling a ton of important day-to-day functions. Nothing is on fire, but you also know there are ways to make your organization more effective and efficient. Sometimes you need someone with a fresh perspective to help you tackle these improvement projects.  

Carey will do all that.  

Carey can help your team solve problems together.

You have a leader in a role who has a ton of strengths in really important programmatic areas, but lacks some of the technical skill set also required in the job. Or you have a new leader with a tricky operational, talent or HR situation.  A seasoned leader who has been in your shoes, can lead to more effective problem solving and results.  

Carey will do all that.

Carey can help you build practical plans.

Sometimes it just comes down to judgement. We can’t predict the future, but we can help you build a practical plan to put your arms around key decisions. Let’s marry your organization’s vision with the day-to-day operations to get you the outcomes.

Carey will do all that.